About RMRI, LLC.

Risk Management Research & Investigations, LLC.

RMRI, LLC. is your private investigation agency 

Managed by a team of former law enforcement personnel and military special operations personnel, we set standards for the private investigation industry. RMRI, LLC. prides itself on good customer service, consistent communication with our clients, effective case resolution, and an ability to think outside of the box to resolve our client's cases while keeping them protected and happy with our work. 

RMRI, LLC. is second to none in criminal defense investigations and civil litigation cases. Whether your case hinges on digital forensics (computer hard drive forensics, cell phone forensics, and tablet forensics), a witness location and/or interview or tracing a mysterious Email, RMRI, LLC. has the personnel and expertise to get the job done for you efficiently and effectively.

The owner of RMRI, LLC. is a retired Vietnam era Marine that spent over twenty (20) years in various Marine Special Operations Units from Division Recon to Force Recon to SEAL Team Detachment Echo attached to MACVSOG (A Vietnam era CIA Sponsored Program). He was also a private military contractor, a personal protection agent, and The Commissioner of Public Safety in the Marshall Islands. He believes in putting in the work for the client. This is the example that RMRI, LLC. follows. 

RMRI, LLC. is driven and motivated to produce good high-quality results for our clients. RMRI, LLC. has a network of contacts from around the world that we can pull from to handle situations on a global scale. From the United Kingdom to Iraq, we have contacts to assist our clients anywhere in the world. Below are just a few of the people that RMRI, LLC. can call on to assist our clients at anytime.

Company Owner: Norman Jennings


-  OUR OFFICE NUMBER: (573) 234-5446 OR OUR MOBILE OFFICE NUMBER: (573) 234-4871


RMRI, LLC has a long list of Industry Friends of whom, when needed, consult on various cases 

Here are just a few of our highly skilled associates

Mark D. Yates

After the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Towers & the Pentagon in the USA the FBI logged multiple credible death threats made by Al Qaeda terrorist sympathizers against Mark. Despite Al Qaeda killing thousands of innocent people in these attacks, Mark ignored the personal risks and he returned from the USA to the UK to serve as an expert chief prosecution witness in the world’s first ever post Sept’ 11th Al Qaeda terrorist trial at the Old Bailey Court London England.

After a Russian TV station broadcast about mafia gangsters being killed, the Russian & Ukrainian Mafia then placed contracts to kill Mark.

The world’s press & media then promoted Mark as the British American Security Expert, Action Man, The Mafia Buster, The Bodyguard from Liverpool, The Real Deal - James Bond & A World Class Security Professional

Dr. Mark D. Yates has provided his security expertise, operational command, and training in 45 Countries as a military, law enforcement, Intelligence, counter terrorist, anti-mafia task force and special forces commander.

5 major TV documentaries have been filmed and broadcast about Mark training global government, military & police special forces & special operations teams in hostile environments. He has published 2 specialist security-protection books including his recent 2021 publication, ‘The Mafia Buster’. He has written hundreds of articles for magazines, newspapers and online media platforms and has provided live interviews for multiple TV & radio stations world-wide.

Recognized globally as a government and law enforcement security specialist, he has provided his security expert advisory and consultancy services to a number of the world’s most elite security-intelligence & special forces agencies.

For 6 years Mark was the former CEO and operational team commander of an ’Elite Special Forces Team’ of extremely high-risk multi-national close protection officers employed by Ground Zero USA.

Mark has provided his covert & overt security protection & counter terrorism services for royalty, presidential, diplomatic, judiciary, CEO’s and high net worth individuals.

Mark was the close protection team commander for Queen Elizabeth’s anniversary gala

Mark holds a doctorate in security management. He is frequently retained as a security expert, keynote speaker and security advisor for global events. He is an engaging security and counter terrorism knowledgeable specialist speaker.

Mark's Specialist Skills & Topics

Website: https://securityexpertuk.com/

David Fabricius

David Fabricius is a world class YPO resource and award winning keynote speaker, fire walk facilitator, sales trainer, business-investment-life coach, real estate entrepreneur-educator, and author. He has shared stages and events with Richard Branson, Steve Wozniak, John Travolta, Gene Simmons, Mel Gibson, Christy Brinkley, Tony Robbins, JT Foxx and many more. He has also been featured on the BBC World News, Fox News, ABC, CBS and over 400 other news channels globally. He has been featured in Woman Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the top 5 male entrepreneurs in the world inspiring women to start their own business, and featured on the cover of Business Booster Today.

Starting from nothing he has become an international success across North, Central and South America, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia. He is the recipient of the Top 1% Mega Success Entrepreneur Award, and last year alone he grew his business by 6,763.94%.

After serving as an instructor in a classic special forces unit, surviving five near death experiences, honing skills only .01% of people have, and teaching thousands worldwide – David has a unique perspective on life and how to create success. His mission is to help people get the best out of themselves and create better companies, teams and families.

As a Keynote Speaker at Global Leadership Conferences for Entrepreneurs and Corporate Leaders, David enables companies to increase their sales between 26 - 300% in a quarter. He is a world renowned team building facilitator and globally one of the highest rated speakers for YPO, WPO and EO. He is most famous for his fire walk experiences and has worked with organizations such as Microsoft, Motorola, Mass Mutual, Avis, The IMD in Switzerland and many more.​

In addition to all of these great attributes to Mr. David Fabricius, he is one of the best custom knife makers in the world! He can design a custom knife to your specifications. Some of Mr. David Fabricius's are so well built that they can only be classified as works of art. ​

As a former African Special Forces Instructor and African S.W.A.T. Team Member and Instructor Mr. David Fabricius also gives some of the most sought after self-defense classes and speaking engagements on self-defense in the world. Mr. David Fabricius has the respect of some of the most elite military operators in the world and will often have some of the most elite military operators in the world make personal appearances at his courses and seminars to give his students additional insight on real world self defense scenarios.

Mr. David Fabricius Values his privacy, as such we request all communications come through RMRI, LLC. at: RMRILLCInvestigations@protonmail.com

Jane Dickinson

Jane is Recognized globally as a government and law enforcement security specialist in an elite security intelligence team of extremely high risk multi national Close Protection Officers employed by Ground Zero & LEBAI as a USA security expert

Jane is an engaging security and counter terrorism knowledge specialist speaker;

I always knew that I wanted to provide a world class specialist security service and I would have to seriously invest in my own life long personal development to achieve this and i carefully planed my career to incorporate law enforcement, special forces intelligence, private security, training and live security operations my ultimate goal was to become a genuine global security expert consultant i know I've achieved my goal because of the respect of my security expert status.


Experienced law enforcement specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the law enforcement industry skilled in crisis management, law enforcement, emergency management, dignitary protection, and close protection, strong military, and protective services professionally graduated from LEBAI

LEBAI EPO & LAW ENFORCEMENT SPECIALIST in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire and United Kingdom

Jane's Specialized Skills & Topics

Phone: 011 44 7305132070

Email: Jd3985858@gmail.com

Thomas LeBrun 

Thomas LeBrun has guarded the likes of Bill Gates, Elton John, and Whitney Houston as a Close Protection Specialist as well as many high net worth individuals. His illustrious career spans over three decades and encompasses forty-five countries. Within that time, he has had plenty of adventures, incredible encounters, and challenging jobs. For more than forty years, he has worked to improve his protective awareness skill sets and has extensive training in the defensive arts.

Thomas lives in the Northeast, and when he is not reading, the now multi-award-winning author can be found working out. He is also an academic who has studied Anti-Terrorist subject matter, Maritime Security, and taken all-embracing courses in Close Protection.

His recent memoir discusses his life and career as a protector of influential people and all things related to martial arts, the Executive Protection industry, and unique journeys on a global scale. dangerous situations, and the harsh reality of guarding influential and powerful people.

In addition to being a world renowned close protection specialist, Tom is also a Fitness Instructor,  Personal Trainer, Master Trainer, and MMA Coach.​

With over 50 years of experience in the fitness and strength-related fields, Tom has the expertise, practical know-how, and related certifications to help you achieve your goals safely and effectively.

Robert Love

The Tri-State Shooting Park was built on more than 315 acres in Mohave Valley. This is a public shooting range to serve the Bullhead City and Mohave Valley area along with the Tri-State area of Arizona, California, and Nevada..

The Park was formally dedicated on March 13,2013 by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. It marks the accumulation of many years of effort by AZ Game and Fish and the Tri-State Shooting Park, Inc. in cooperation with the Bureau of Land Management and other stake-holders, to establish a public shooting range to serve the Tri-State area.

Hunters will have a place to become more proficient with their weapons and shooting equipment. Law enforcement agencies will have access to the shooting range where they can maintain their firearms qualifications.

The Tri-State Shooting Park offers a wide array of ranges for all types of shooters from beginners to advanced shooters and from all types of shooting from skeet shooting to tactical hand gunning with certified NRA instructors. In the picture on this site Mr. Robert Love can be seen spending time with his patrons. He is always happy to assist his patrons to ensure safety and a good learning and improvement experience. All shooters are welcomed from beginners to advanced shooters. You will find nothing but a desire to help you improve your shooting skills here. 

BUSINESS (928) 758-5464 or CELL (702) 371-1532 

Mailing Address: P.O. BOX 8353

FT. MOHAVE, AZ 86427

Physical Address: 4831 Boundary Cone Rd. Fort Mohave, AZ 86427